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Projection Mapping or
Projected Signage is affordable
and highly effective


Level 1 PROJECTION MAPPING includes stunning animated displays which can incorporate sound FX. It can display your logo, animated or not, or something spectacular up to a medium scale. With powerful projectors available for from under 500€ its affordable too.
Level 1 involves projection onto a more or less flat surface. Although walls can be textured. Projection onto irregular shaped surfaces is included within Level 2 and may include more than one projection source.
Our animations below shows examples of the kind of thing we can do for you ! 

Modern projectors do not need to be directly facing the field of view


Thai Menorca moving stone wall illusion

The butterfly illusion 

And who doesn't love a flaming torch outside of a club or restaurant 

Crashing waves are impressive but the background can be a live webcam too

This illustrates a single projector mapped to two physical 3 dimensional spaces. This increases the believability of the illusion 

No chance of any leaks here :) 

What is 3D Projection mapping ?

Projection mapping, similar to video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technique used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects or theatrical stages.

In the example below, I used an accurate topographical map of some 300 plus acres in Horseshoe Bay Texas.  The topography was CnC routed at 4 meters long and then painted with super reflective 'projection screen' paint. For full daylight operation

The animated image which contained elements like divisonal areas, golf facilities with golfers and moving carts, was then projected onto the surface which allowed the model to present an audio/visual story to the visitors. The project was a mixed use development centred on the Jack Nicklaus 'Signature' Golf course, 'Summit Rock'. 

Modern Laser powered 'short throw' 4K projectors are now readily available for from under 500€ which means that exterior building walls etc can be used to present anything from marketing material, historical information or just pure entertainment in an affordable way. 

It is only limited by our collective imagination.

3D table 300dpi.jpg

This video is all CGI with the characters represented as shadows in the fire lit moonlight.

It employs a total of 3 projectors and an audio feed all linked as a laptop presentation

Whilst the location here is all CGI it is presented as a proof of concept to add life to the Menorcan 'Taula' monoliths without causing any damage to the locations.


It's a work in progress 

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