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A Staff Meeting You WILL Enjoy!

A Staff Meeting can take place on firm ground outside or inside. Dress in clothes that make you feel like a Warrior, confident, strong, humble, instinctive, and wise. First we have to build the staff. It is very simple. We will meet and go the the hardware store. A 1 1/2 - 2" PVC pipe (i will get my dimensions) about as tall as you are (mine is slightly too long) will be cut. On either end are rubber feet. We will gorilla glue them in place. With duct tape, or stickers, or both you can design your staff in any way you choose. This may take time and is fun. At first, a couple grip holds are important. This is your tool for the movement practice. It will help you bend and balance. You will find ways to stretch your body that will feel so good and right that you will feel long, lean, and vital. It sounds funny that a cheap, bendable pipe from home depot can be such a great helper, but to me that is the simple beauty of it. I will demonstrate, you can follow. We will discover together new and ways of moving to affect positive change. See below for an example of a most excellent location for this work.


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