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Exterior and Interior design and visualization
including furniture and fittings
logo from ai2.jpg
The Brief 

Create a new location design for an established fine dining restaurant in Cala en Porter. Menorca. 

East _DSC0004.jpg
The original site

The objective was to turn this location into a 'Destination' Fine dining establishment. Property acquired late 2018 with an opening date of Spring 2019

Aroma volumes east_01.jpg
The stripped shell

The 3DStudio Max model of the original space built

mat over-ride.jpg
The Design base

The design nearing completion and ready for textures

Final Aroma populated east.jpg
The rendered Design

The client presentation render

Aroma completed.jpg
The finished job 

How it looks today 

left hand cam Aroma 29 Jan 2018_AO.jpg
The Interior Render

How it looks today 

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